Duct Tape Flower Pencil Topper

Its back to school time with fresh new school supplies! The best time of the year and I don’t even have kids! I am a day care teacher though and I’m back with the whole duct tape thing.

There are tons of sites with instructions on how to make duct tape flowers out there and they are good. (I learned from a YouTube video)  I made a couple and took them to work, No one can really walk away with a pen with a giant red flower on the top. However, making them with the kids in school aged day care is kinda hard since all the pens disappear! I came up with a way to make them removable so you can put them on different pens or pencils.

Supplies are:

  • duct tape and electrical tape
  • knife
  • self-healing mat
  • pen or pencil

goodenoughflower 001

This is me we are talking about so forgot to put out the scissors I used to cut the initial piece of electrical tape.

Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the end of your pen, sticky side out. Put another piece of tape over the top to make a sleeve on the end of your pen

goodenoughflower 003

Set that aside and start your petals. There are tons of different directions on how to do this out there but I’m making my own here since I’m Good Enough.

put a duct strip of tape down on your self-healing mat.goodenoughflower 004

Cut it at 2 inch sections. It doesn’t have to be perfect!goodenoughflower 005

Fold one corner over

goodenoughflower 006

Then fold the other corner over leaving a strip along the bottomgoodenoughflower 007

Once again, it doesn’t have to be perfect! I like to make up a whole bunch before starting on the flower.

goodenoughflower 008

Take one of your petals and wrap it around your sleeve on the pen.

goodenoughflower 009goodenoughflower 010

Place the next petal across from the first.

goodenoughflower 011

And the next pair opposite the first.

goodenoughflower 012

Continue putting the petals on slightly offset from the previous ones.

goodenoughflower 013

Look! You can take it off!

goodenoughflower 014

This flower has 16 petals on it.

goodenoughflower 015

I think it’s a good size. Could maybe use another 8 but you really don’t want to get too heavy.  I did make another one with 32 petals.

goodenoughflower 016

Mishmash using 8 different tapes.

goodenoughflower 017

The camo is a dollar store tape, It doesn’t have the stickiness of Duck brand but it works.

Anyway, it really is easy and fun and Good Enough! Try it!


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