Spool Loom

If you have been anywhere near a child recently, you have probably seen the elastic bracelets on their wrists made with great industry with a Rainbow Loom kit. I wanted to try it but I’m too cheap to buy a loom just for me. While I was doing some on my fingers (I had a thought that maybe it could be done on a spool!

In days gone by, girls would put nails into a wooden spool and make long tubes of yarn by going around and around using a needle to flip each loop over. I have 2 in my possession, a commercial one I bought a few years ago that looks like a bumble bee and one that my mom used as a child and that was probably my grandmother’s in the 1930s.

To do this, you will need

  • spool knitter loom (you can find these in stores)
  • Rainbow Loom elastics and C clips
  • needle or crochet hook (if you don’t have one with your spool)
  • piece of string long enough to fit though your spool


How I did it was put a C clip on an elastic and a loop of string on the other side. You need to do this to pull your elastics though the spool to keep tension on it. If not it will get all bunched up and not fit though the hole!


Thread your string though the hole in your spool and put the first elastic on all 4 nails. Twist it on each nail. (you can kinda see it there ^ )

I didn’t do this but a good idea would be to take your C clip attached to the string and put it on the 4 sides. I only did one on this try and it really stretched the elastic on one side as I pulled it.

Put 2 other elastics on.

Use your needle or hook to pull the bottom loop over the top 2 and into the middle on all 4 nails.


Put another elastic on and keep going and going and going the same way. Remember to pull the string as you go. It’ll keep it from bunching! It will bunch but you should be able to work though it. Its elastic, don’t be afraid to pull hard.  It does get easier as your knitting gets out the bottom.


If you are going to go that long that is, I was making mine for my adult super big wrist so it was twice as long as my spool.

When you are at the length you want, take the bottom elastic off over the top without adding a third to the nails.


You’ll need a second C clip here. Unhook the elastics off the nail onto the C clip all around. Pull your bracelet out of the spool and take the elastics off one of the C clips and put all of the on one. (its one of those weird hard/easy things that is hard to explain, ask a kid if you need help.


Tada! Yes, I did change colour elastics to colour block.  It was pretty easy and fun to do. I suppose it’s a double knit one on the real Rainbow Loom? I think I’ll try a single knit another time.

Hope you can figure this out. If I can do it, everyone can!


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